October 21, 2018 filming completed for Location #1-Northern Norway and Location #2-Vancouver Island, British Columbia. 

The Norway and Vancouver Island Footage are going to be combined and released as FREE webisodes and podcasts.

Below are some of the key activists, allies, authors and speakers who were kind enough to speak into the camera for this project:  

Martin Lee Mueller

Martin is the author of Being Salmon, Being Human. He holds a doctorate in philosophy from the University of Oslo. His mentors include Bergljot Børresen, Arne Johan Vetlesen, Arne Næss, James Lovelock, Stephan Hardig & David Abram. 

Tiril Bryn

Tiril is a storyteller from Norway. She investigates the relation between stories and the landscape and how stories are both locally connnected with nature and place. 


Torgeir Vassvik

Torgeir is an Arctic sound-poet who combines progressive Sami Joik and modern strings. Torgeir also takes part in activities for the arts and rights of indigenous people worldwide.

Georgiana Keable

Georgiana is one of the pioneers for storytelling in the UK and Norway. She founded ‘Fortellerhuset’ (The Storytelling House) with storytellers from four continents and The Norwegian Storytelling Festival. 


Ernest Alfred of the Namgis Nation-Description Coming Soon!

DC Reid-Description Coming Soon!

Dan Glombeck-Description Coming Soon!

Bonnie-Glombeck-Description Coming Soon!

Tsalstiqualus Ambers of the Ma'amtagila Nation-Description Coming Soon!

Kate Brauer-Description Coming Soon!

Alexandra Morton-Description Coming Soon!

Eric Landon McDuffie-Description Coming Soon!

Adam Olson, MLA -Green Party-Description Coming Soon!

Aage Solbeck-Description Coming Soon!

Nillas Somby-Description Coming Soon!

Description Coming Soon!

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