Charlie's is a USA based film maker who began his work as a videographer and video editor while filming in a medium security prison.  Since then he's been drawn towards hard to tell stories regarding the environment and social justice causes.  If it has to do with helping people connect to nature in a new way, then it's a story he's interested in telling.

You can view his award winning feature length film Bolin Creek Unpaved HERE



Andreas is a Sami & Norwegian film maker who is based in Trondheim, Norway.  


Director of Photography - NORWAY

Video Sample: (directed by Andreas)

"The Banisher of Thought" is an experimental music documentary about the mouth harp and its capacity for connecting seemingly disconnected peoples and cultures.  It is a story told without words, about an ancient and obscure instrument that exists in all parts of the world. Juxtaposing the Thar Desert in India with eastern Norway, the film is a contemplative and minimalist search for the unseen and inexpressible threads that ties human cultures together, and humanity to the landscape it exists within

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