The Mission

What does the possible extinction of wild salmon runs mean in parts of our world and how can it be reversed? How is it related to Norwegian owned corporations?


How does open net salmon fish farming work? What role does it have in the extinction of wild salmon?  How wide and far is this practice and what does it  mean to you or me? 


Who are the indigenous cultures that are closely connected to wild salmon? What have they been through historically?  What can be learned from their knowledge and experiences that may be critical to us all?


How can the award winning book, "Being Salmon, Being Human", from author Martin Lee Mueller, help us make sense of how we got to where we are as a species and possibly how to recover our senses?


What happens when a live performance based on that book goes on an international tour?


Who are the dedicated wild salmon and indigenous rights activists around the globe? 


With help from a lot of activists, scientists and filmmakers, I am creating a multimedia journey across our planet to help you uncover the answer to all of these questions and  more.


 Come along for the ride and find out how wild salmon are related to your life.



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