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Episode 6 and 7 locked!

It's hard to find the time to do all the editing to the podcast AND to also post updates on a budget of $0 and doing everything solo. But I wanted to at least say something here. I have brought Episode 6 and 7 to life. The only thing they are missing is the sound design and mastering.

This means that I could technically release them now. But I feel committed to the path of having high quality sound mastering done by Jay Siebold. More and more I find that this process of podcasting is the story, the fuller story. Originally designed as a film project, I would have had to cut 95% of every single interview in order to fit it into a film...or even a film series. Stumbling into making my filmed interviews into a podcast has breathed unexpected life into every single person I met with...all the nuance is revived and made new. It's the full story that I always wanted to convey. And provides impact. It just fucking delivers and I can't wait to get the funding to have these 100% completed soon.

6 and 7 wrap up my Day 3 on Van Isle in 2018, when I was there filming. What's fun is that I have great images to go with social media drops for every episode. So once I get more organized I plan to have separate show pages with descriptions and visual for each episode.

Here is Martin, Torgeir and the end of Day 3. After touring salmon habitats all day long, we enjoyed a fresh caught salmon (from the Eve River) and roasted corn in the husk. Sitting at Harmony Shores Campground on Malcom Island. Such a beautiful way to end our day. This story is so rich! I can't wait for the world to hear it.

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