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In Memoriam: Silver Donald Cameron

I just learned of the passing of Silver Donald Cameron about 30 minutes ago. I had just emailed him a long waited update about a project that he was helping me with...only to hear back from his partner that he had passed away.

It was Silver Donald that first encouraged me to include Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and New Brunswick into my travels and narrative as part of the Salmonfolk Film series. We had talked on the phone a few times at length...and he had been nothing other than gracious, kind, forcefully creative and filled with a passion for making the world a better place.

I tried to go up to visit him just before winter of 2019...but I was taking care of my parents and had to cancel.

Reboot the plan to 2020....I then missed my chance to visit with him this February of 2020. That was the general plan at least. But I was here in VA, ironically...taking care of my mom who had cancer and I had to cancel my trip where I was going to interview him and spend some time in the area where he lived. I never would have guessed that Silver Donald would pass away 3 weeks after a lung cancer diagnosis in June of 2020. He had so much vitality and energy I was sure that I would be able to meet with him in real life sooner or later. I certainly wish I had made those trips now.

The world lost Silver Donald way before he was done talking and creating.

But he will continue to inspire me to keep on going with documenting and writing.

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