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I won't be playing "catch up everyone on how everything is taking a year longer than I thought it would"

But here is what I did today:

  1. Updated the homepage to reflect that it isn't making sense to call it Salmonfolk Films any longer

  2. Edited the mission of "Salmonfolk" to include all sort of goodies that are a reflection of work that actually is underway right now

  3. Added a Podcast page for Salmonfolk Radio. The episodes are finally falling into place and being edited for listening. I expect that by mid-June I will have about 10 episodes...a full season!!!

  4. I am about to launch a fundraiser for the sound mastering of the Sointula, BC performance of Being Salmon Being Human. I found a fricking amazing sound engineer. My goal is to have this piece edited, sound mastered and public by mid July.

  5. I finally updated the ALLIES page. All the photos are now there! Still working on the descriptions.

  6. Pondering an amazing interview I had via zoom yesterday. It's literally a secret as to who it was. But as soon as I can make it public I will. It's fricking phenom though. That will actually be Episode One of Salmonfolk Radio.

  7. I am about to add all the owner names to the farms listed in New Brunswick thanks to an insider source!

I don't get a lot of creative days. For those not in the know...I began this project in 2018, planning on making a film or film series just of that journey I took to Vancouver Island. But fate had other plans for me. One thing after another kept piling onto my plate and 2019 came and went without my ever releasing any material. My mom got dementia...then Stage 4 cancer...then I became her full time caregiver until her death in 2020. Now I am the full time caregiver for my father. It's a lot. But what I have learned is that everything has perfect timing. I have spent plenty of time mad that I haven't created more yet with Salmonfolk. But now I spend more time realizing that the interruptions were slowing me down so that I would think more carefully and wisely. Hopefully that will be reflected in the work. Stay tuned.

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