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Welcome to Andreas Daugstad Leonardsen

Updated: Jul 3, 2018

Andreas is a film maker who lives in Trondheim, Norway. I first met him through Martin Lee Mueller, author of the book that is inspiring much of this film. I was invited to go on part of the Being Salmon, Being Human tour in Norway but was unable to go. There just wouldn't have been enough time to put together the funds in time to make the trip. The group is performing in the heart of Sami country in Norway this very week. So, since I couldn't be there I asked Martin and the crew if they knew of anyone who might want to be there to capture the moment. Luckily, Andreas Leonardsen was on hand and excited! What's even better is that Andreas was literally a better choice for the task than I ever would have been. Andreas is of Sami and Norwegian heritage. So for him, this is a very special journey indeed. Furthermore, when I saw his film, Banisher of Thought, and the camera work inside of it, I knew he was the right guy. I just finished putting up his page on the website.

For clarification, the first film will heavily feature the Being Salmon, Being Human book, author, and performance group's tour in Norway and on Vancouver Island. Andreas is the Director of Photography for the Norway locations. He'll also likely be helping with some of the editing because I don't speak a single word of it!

Also make sure to take a peek at his movie Banisher of Thought!

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