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Why "Being Salmon, Being Human"?

Why did I choose "Being Salmon, Being Human: Encountering the Wild in Us and Us in the Wild" as a guiding force for the shape of my film series? I didn't! It reached out and grabbed me instead. I wasn't even ready for how cohesive and complete the book was/is in helping me recontextualize our role in the current state of "nature". In about a month I leave to fly all the way from NC (USA) to Vancouver Island, British Columbia to follow this group on their excursions. I'll still be interviewing plenty of other very integral wild salmon activists, but the majority of the mission will be to meet with these wild salmon performers and the author of the book-Martin Lee Mueller.

Here is the description for their trailer: With joik, philosophy and stories from Sami and North-American indigenous tradition we wonder with salmon, both the wild and the farmed. What connects salmon, philosophy and traditional storytelling? ’Being Salmon, Being Human’ is about wonder and madness. Wonder about the beautiful creature the salmon is, born in a river, traveling for years in the oceans, swimming against the stream and jumping rapids. How the salmon industry has turned this fairytale creature into Biomass, blind and no longer able to navigate.The relation between humans and salmon has existed since time immemorial. We rebuild it with joik, story and wonder. Inspired by Martin Lee Mueller's book by the same name.

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