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Working Day

Coffee shop work day. On the table is #notonmywatch by Alexandra Morton for inspiration and the transcript of that time when BC Green Party MLA Adam Olsen interviewed me. At the time of the interview I never would have guessed that the audio of it would form the basis of the first episode of the Salmonfolk Radio podcast.⁠

Here is my list:⁠

Podcast Plan⁠

Start with my introduction...using Adam’s interview with me to insert how the whole trip happened...inserting introductions to each person, building the story as I talk to Adam and construct how I ended up in Van Isle in the first place.⁠

Then we go back to the start...and talk about what it was like…⁠

-Set up Simplecast for podcasting once epi's are ready⁠

-Set up website podcast page with more detail⁠

-Create page for BSBH...or rather update it⁠

-Create script for fundraiser video for sound engineering on Sointula show.⁠

-Establish that it will be featured in the podcast and as a stand alone video⁠

-Update my patreon page to receive donations⁠

-Craft the GoFundMe page⁠

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