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Two New Podcast Episodes Launched!

Episode 15! I sit down with Frederik W. Mowinckel, who is related to a family that founded one of Norway's first salmon farming companies. Though his family exited the industry many years ago, he has an insider's view to "open net" salmon farming that is rare...Grab a cup of coffee, this is going to be good.

Episode 16! This episode is packed with goodness. Besides our meeting with Dan and Bonny, who are Tofino BC locals and the directors of the fish farm fighting org- Clayoquot Action, you will hear about:

  • The Salmon Guild

  • The new Salmon Economy

  • How nitrogen from Kamchatka ends up in the heartwood of BC trees

  • How a Paris Climate meeting connected Norway to BC

  • How nutrients move uphill against gravity

  • How the Ahousaht First Nation forced a salmon farming company to get a salmon farm out of Ahousat First Nations territory

  • How effective and peaceful leadership has worked for Clayoquot Action

  • And as if it needs salmon literally connect everyone and everything

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